10 -Things I Hate About You looks like today !!



10 Things I Hate About You is one of the unequaled most noteworthy teenager motion pictures. It may even be the best, contingent upon who you’re conversing with (I say yes). It’s the best Shakespearean adjustment (disregarding how brilliant Clueless is), it’s still similarly as entertaining and cool today as it was back when it initially turned out, and it keeps on being similarly as essential to the individuals who grasped it in their more youthful years as they develop into grown-ups.Given it’s been just about a long time since its discharge in 1999, now is the ideal time to investigate the stars of this delight of a motion picture and make the inquiry, where are they now? Some are as yet working pretty reliably in the big time, others have moved in an opposite direction from the spotlight, and one of them is running an, er, otherworldly gathering out of a sanctuary in Venice Beach, CA. Read on to discover which give individuals rose a role as evident stars and recollect the person who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

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